7 Top luxury: Seven 7 Star Hotels

karkloof-safari-spa7. Karkloof Safari Spa

South Africa

Among connoisseurs of good living, it is known that the Karkloof Safari Spa has long been the 7 – star hotel of reference in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa . What is offered here is unmatched by any other hotel as it combines luxury with nature masterfully . Buffaloes while drinking champagne admire is possible in this idyllic place.


The hotel has 16 sumptuous villas decorated in African style and equipped with every comfort. Clearly it perceived the elegance and sophistication without sacrificing the feeling of being in the middle of the savannah . Here the jet set gathers to enjoy African wildlife protected from a super car back to the hotel, practice yoga or Tai Chi, relax in the impressive spa and then return to their hometowns and tell their  memories of Africa …

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