13 Passports that allow Travel to more Places without Visa

Almost always traveling is a pleasure and to do this we need certain essential tools such as passports. The company Arton Capital has created a ranking by measuring the number of countries to be visited having a passport without having to apply for a visa. The ranking Passport Index surprising compared to last year. For example, the United States has dropped from first place to fourth.

Passports without Visa

  1. Ranked number one is Germany . With your passport, you can visit 158 countries.
  2. In the second place, also with 158 countries, it is Sweden.
  3. People who have a Finnish passport can go to 157 countries.
  4. Ranked No. 4 is France with 157 countries.
  5. In fifth place, we have to Switzerland with the same number of countries as France.
  6. In sixth place is Spain with 157 countries also.
  7. Persons holding a passport from the United Kingdom can visit 157 countries.
  8. Ranked number eight is Denmark with 156 countries.
  9. If you have an Italian passport you can travel to 156 countries.
  10. Tenth place in the Netherlands with 156 countries.
  11. Followed by Belgium with 156 trips.
  12. The citizens of South Korea with the country ‘s passport can travel to 156 countries.
  13. And in 13th place, it is Norway , with your passport you can visit 156 countries.

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