She lost a kilo and with Her Dramatic transformation showed that the weight is the least

Most people always show their results when they lose a significant amount of weight. But this girl named Adrienne Osuna showed that a good condition is not only found in a number.

Adrienne recently shared the before and after dramatic transformation with a couple of photographs. Even though her body looks a little different from losing fat and gaining muscle, Osuna also lost a lot of sizes, and her progress is truly inspiring.

Osuna transformed her body with weight conditioning


Osuna is a mom and fitness blogger who specializes in weight training. After years of struggling with her weight, this mother of four eventually took her health seriously and adopted a rigorous weightlifting and cardio program to lose weight, gain muscle and have a healthy life.

Weight is a misleading target


In an image he shared on her blog notes that focusing on weight is a misleading target. The photo shows how her body was before doing weight lifting and after the physical transformation he gave him an amazing loss of only two pounds.

Only two pounds!


Yes, it may sound strange, but Osuna has a very good explanation. After posting the photo on the blog  that became viral on Facebook , Twitter, Imgur , most people did not give credit to who it was, so he decided to spread it on Instagram with a wider message. She modified the numbers to indicate the extra pound she had lost in the intermission.

She felt it was important to get her image back because she had been used to advertising weight loss products, and that’s not what she was.

“I do not have to use anyone’s products to do this, in fact I did not, I did not even diet to achieve it. All this is hard work in the gym lifting weights and having an intermittent fast. “


Osuna raised her voice to raise awareness that weight loss is not just a number nor the main goal; It’s also about having awesome muscles so you can cross the barriers and get a healthy life.

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