Dollar Store Mason Jar Valentine Craft

Dollar Store Mason Jar Valentine Craft

Dollar Store Mason Jar Valentine Craft

Make this cute mason jar for Valentine’s Day using dollar store supplies. It costs less than $ 7 to make and only takes 30 minutes, so it’s an easy and inexpensive Valentine’s Day decoration. This craft would make a great centerpiece for a romantic dinner or a festive fireplace decoration.

All the supplies for this craft project came from Dollar tree except the paint and scrabble tiles that I got halfway with a coupon at the Hobby Lobby. However, you can find a scrabble set at a thrift store for around a dollar or two and save money. Plus, you would have lots of other scrabble letters for more crafts!

There is a lot of room to be creative with this project and personalize it. You can use white chalk paint on Mason jars and use regular burlap and twine for firm-style Valentine’s Day decoration or make it rustic by using dark red chalk paint on the jars and giving it an aging with sandpaper and delivering it with a natural burlap and string. You can replace the scrabble tiles with stencils or Cricut letters.

Store sweets or heart-shaped chocolates inside (assuming you aren’t painting the inside of the Mason jars like I did). You can also add a bouquet of flowers for Valentine’s Day and a festive vase filler. This sincere Valentine’s decoration will enhance your romantic side without spending too much on the holidays.

Dollar Store Mason Jar Valentine Craft

valentine craft mason jar using dollar tree supplies

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Cost: $ 7


  • 4 mason jars crafts
  • string red
  • jute ribbon red
  • acrylic paint pink
  • scrabble tiles
  • glue gun
  • cloth scissors


  • Paint your Mason jars in pink. I poured paint on the inside of the jars and shook the jars to completely cover them to get a shiny appearance, but you can paint them as you wish.

  • Cut a 2 to 3 inch long section of red jute ribbon (or whatever your heart size is). Make the heart-shaped ribbon by folding the section in half and using a printed heart template folded in half as a guide, then cut out the shape. Repeat 3 more times.

  • Glue the jute hearts on the front of your Mason jars.

  • Add a scrabble tile in the center of each of your hearts by gluing it in place

  • Glue the end of a piece of string to the back of the Mason jar and wrap it tightly around the lid until there is no more space and glue the other end to the back of the pot.

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