Dollar Store DIY Farmhouse Easter Bunny Wreath

Add a country look to your Easter decor with this adorable DIY Easter bunny wreath from a dollar store. It costs less than $ 7 and can be done in less than 10 minutes! This is a very inexpensive and easy Easter decoration that will brighten up your porch and improve your attractiveness for spring. Everything except the choice of Easter and the garland came from Dollar Tree.

The bunny ears in twine and the cotton strand are actually part of a single Easter choice that I disassembled to use as accents for the crown. I get it Hobby Lobby. It was only $ 2 with a 40% coupon. If you go to their website, the coupon is always at the top of the page. Just print it or show it in the store. You can also easily tinker bunny ears with a wire or thick wire hanger. Instructions for doing this can be found below under the notes in the instruction box. You can also buy cotton stalks from Dollar Tree to use with lamb ear sheets.

I already had the floral garland of another project on hand. You can get green garlands at Dollar Tree like these or these. You can also get them at Micheals or Hobby Lobby for a few dollars more if you have coupons to use.

Farm DIY Easter Bunny Wreath

Dollar Store DIY Farmhouse Easter Bunny Wreath


Dollar Store DIY Farmhouse Easter Bunny Wreath

Inexpensive and Easy DIY Easter Wreath Using Dollar Store Supplies

Yield: 1 crowned

Cost: $ 7


  • hot glue gun

  • the scissors

  • floral thread cutter


  • 2 bamboo or vine wreaths
  • 1 roller twine or floral wire
  • 1 floral garland
  • 1 choice of easter the bunny ears in twine and the choice of cotton were part of a single $ 2 choice from Hobby Lobby. I just separated them with floral wire cutters. See the notes below for more details.


  • Tie your two wreaths with string or floral wire. I wrapped the string around a dozen times to make sure it held well.

  • Wrap your garland around each of the crowns and cut any extra. Then stick it on the crown. I glued it up, down and on both sides for each crown.

  • If you use the same pick as me, take it apart with a wire cutter. Glue the cotton strand to the side of the rabbit’s neck and stick the rabbit’s ears in string at the top of the crown.

  • Add all the other accents you want, like a jute knot at the top of the rabbit’s head


I used this choice for my project, but you can easily tinker the bunny ears with a wire hanger or a thick wire: just wrap the string around the wire and hot glue the ends so that the string stays in place .

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