DIY Dollar Tree Farmhouse Christmas Door Hanger

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Give your door a festive low-budget makeover with this DIY Dollar Tree Farmhouse Christmas Door Hanger. This dollar tree-shaped Christmas decoration idea costs just $ 6 in supplies so you can give your home a farmhouse touch without breaking the bank. It only takes 30 minutes to make, so it’s a quick and easy dollar-for-dollar Christmas craft idea.

This Dollar Tree Farm Christmas Door Hanger is made from a stretched canvas frame and paint sticks. You can get both for a dollar each. Paint sticks can be found at any home improvement store while the canvas was sourced Dollar tree. Chalk paint, I got it for a few bucks at Micheals with a half off coupon. I used the Chalk Painting FolkArt Home Decor in White Adirondack. This type of paint has excellent coverage and gives it a chalky matte finish. The chalk paint, rebate background and galvanized wording give it a farmhouse charm, making it a perfect addition to your farmhouse decor.

This dollar store Christmas craft is quick and easy to make! All you do is paint the frame and the sticks and glue them together. Then add all your Christmas choices and accents. It’s that simple!

You can add an assortment of accents to it such as bows, Christmas picks, fake snow or a garland. You don’t have to use ribbon to hang, you can use string instead or just nail it into the wall. This DIY Christmas sign would look great as a door hanger for the front door or on the wall as wall art.

DIY Dollar Tree Farmhouse Christmas Door Hanger


DIY Christmas Door Hanger

Farm Christmas Sign Using Dollar Tree Supplies

Cost: $ 5


  • 1 hot glue gun

  • 1 glue stick

  • brush


  • 1 8X10 stretched canvas
  • qt. paint sticks
  • 1 metal word
  • 2 christmas picks
  • 1 christmas accent
  • 1 room ribbon to hang
  • 1 chalk painting White


  • Remove the canvas from the wooden frame by pulling it. Don’t worry about removing the staples as they will be on the back where they won’t be visible.

  • Paint your wooden frame and 9 paint sticks

  • Once the paint is dry, add a little glue to each end of the paint sticks and place them on the wooden frame. You can add a slight space between the sticks to give it a hushed look.

  • Glue the metal word in the middle of your sign. I added a small amount of glue under each word to make sure it stays in place. Be careful not to use too much glue so that it does not seep where it can be seen.

  • Glue two Christmas picks together and glue them to the bottom of the frame.

  • Add any other Christmas accents you want. (optional)

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