DIY Dollar Store Halloween Lantern

DIY Halloween Lantern Dollar Store

Add a touch of whimsy to your home with this easy dollar store DIY Halloween Lantern. This project only takes 15 minutes to complete and costs less than $ 10! All supplies for this project can be found at Dollar tree:

Halloween DIY Lantern Supplies:

  • 4 black photo frames
  • black foam board
  • hot glue gun and 2-3 glue stick
  • scissors or craft knife
  • pencil or marker

Total cost: $ 5
Difficulty level: Easy
Time: 10 minutes

DIY Halloween Lantern Instructions:

  1. Remove the plastic, the back of the frame and the picture inserts from the frames.
  2. Pull the tabs on the frame and remove the glass. If you don’t pull on the tabs, they will pop through your lantern when it’s finished.
  3. Using a glue gun, glue along the frame where the glass would be, then put the glass down, pressing gently.
  4. Glue the edges of the frames together. Make sure to align it evenly. Hold firmly until each frame dries (about a minute). Be generous with the glue because you want it to hold up well. I also glued the inside edges to make sure it holds.
  5. Using a pencil or marker, trace the outline of the lantern onto the foam board.
  6. Cut out the outlined section of the foam board.
  7. Glue the base of the foam board to the bottom of the lantern.

… And now you are ready to fill your lantern with spooky goodies!

For this lantern I used the following:

  • black sand at the bottom of the lantern
  • LED Spider Candle
  • Gothic purple and black fake roses
  • glittering spiders
  • Halloween ornaments

Cost: $ 5

You don’t have to use what I’ve made. This is where you can get creative. Dollar Tree offers a variety of Halloween lighting options (LED candles, fairy lights, glowing skulls, fairy lights, etc.). Plus, they have an assortment of decorations like skeletons, bats, spooky creatures, and more!

Happy Halloween!

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