DIY Dollar Store Farmhouse Lantern

This dollar store farm lantern costs less than $ 10 and takes less than an hour to make, so it’s an easy and inexpensive DIY farm decor idea.

Give your home decor a low-budget farmhouse style with this dollar store. The white chalk paint on the lantern will go perfectly with the decor of your farm. It even has a shiplap style base to amplify its firm look. This dollar farm lantern is made of real wood, so it’s a solid piece of decoration that will last!

The wooden frames are in fact stretched canvases of Dollar tree with the canvas removed from the wooden frame. I bought the paint sticks at Home Depot for $ 1 and the chalk paint came from Micheals, which I got half with a coupon, so it’s a very inexpensive DIY project to do.

This dollar store farm lantern makes a great decoration year because you can replace home decor items seasonally. For example, you can create a new mini crown for each holiday or season. I used a 4 inch vine wreath with a green garland for the inside of the lantern, but you can also use mini wire wreaths, which Dollar Tree sells in two packs. It all depends on the type of crown you want to make. You can make ribbon wreaths, garland garlands, floral wreaths, etc.

DIY Dollar Store Farmhouse Lantern

empty dollar store shop farm lantern


DIY Dollar Store Farmhouse Lantern

real wood farm lantern using dollar tree supplies

Yield: 1 Lantern

Cost: $ 7


  • Remove the canvases from the wooden frame by pulling them. Make sure there is no canvas stuck to the staples.

  • Optional step – Remove the staples from the back of the wooden frame using a painter’s tool and needle-nose pliers. You pull up the staples with the sharp edge of the painter’s tool, then pull the staples with the pliers. I decided to skip this step because it is a bit difficult to do and the paint will hide most staples anyway, but if you want a perfect lantern, you can do it.

  • If there are rough spots on your wooden frames, you can sand them with sandpaper.

  • Paint your wooden frames and paint sticks.

  • Once the paint is dry, glue the corners of the wooden frames together. Hold firmly until each frame dries (about a minute). Be generous with the glue because you want it to hold well.

  • Add a little glue to each end of the paint sticks and place them at the bottom of your lantern. You can add a slight space between the sticks to give it that shiplap look.

  • Decorate the interior of the lantern. I used a 6 “mini crown and a large pillar candle.

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