DIY dollar store farm wall decor

Add a touch of farmhouse style to your budget home decor with this dollar store farmhouse wall decor idea. This is a cheap and easy dollar store craft that costs less than $ 10 to make and takes less than 5 minutes to assemble!

This dummy dollar store farmhouse decor would look great on the wall, on your coat, or even leaning on a waiter or console table with a galvanized tiered tray and white candles. The frames are very light, so it’s easy to hang them anywhere.

Dollar Tree has a number of faux wood photo frames that you can use for this DIY dollar store farmhouse wall decor, such as: these weathered photo frames or these brown wood grain frames. In addition, you can use more than 4 if you want to enlarge it.

I got the mini crown at the Hobby Lobby for less than $ 5 on sale, but you can easily make your own crown for less. Here are some tutorials for cute DIY store farm DIY wreaths that would look good with this project:

DIY dollar store farm wall decor

Dollar store farm wall decor


DIY dollar store farm wall decor

inexpensive and easy DIY farm decorating idea using dollar store supplies

Cost: $ 10


  • Glue the four photo frames together.

  • Glue the metallic word on the crown.

  • Align the crown so that it fits in the center of the false window and glue it. Be sure to glue the top, bottom and both sides to keep it in place.

  • If you want to hang it, cut your rope to the desired size and glue each end of the piece of rope to the back.

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