DIY Buffalo Check Fall Pumpkin Wreath

DIY Buffalo Check Fall Pumpkin Wreath

Add a warm, country touch to your fall decor with this buffalo checkered pumpkin fall wreath. This farmhouse fall wreath is a great way to welcome fall into your home and is a fun and easy fall crafts for adults.

I have the vine garland at Micheals for $ 7 with a 50% off coupon. Tip to save money: If you sign up for their newsletter, they include coupons all the time.

Pumpkin wreath shape, floral thread, burlap leaves, twine and buffalo checkered ribbon were taken from Dollar tree! You can even buy cotton swabs there (I already had some on hand from another project, but I believe mine came from Hobby Lobby).

the buffalo tiles and white pumpkins also came from Hobby Lobby. They often have 50% off fall decor sales so I got a full bag for $ 5.

In total, all of the supplies cost around $ 20, so it’s a very economical fall wreath to make.

This fall craft only takes 30 minutes to craft. All you do is secure the vine garland to the frame with floral wire. Add accents like bows, sprays / stems, fall leaves, etc. and voila, you have a unique fall wreath to add to your front door.

This buffalo checkered pumpkin fall wreath is a great addition to decorating your fall farmhouse porch and will add curb appeal to your front door.

There are many ways to customize it to suit your own style. Here are a few more ideas:

  • add grass, eucalyptus, raffia, wheat stalks, fall berry sprays, acorns, pine cones and much more
  • use a burlap knot with buffalo leaves
  • wrap a garland of white autumn berries around the vine
  • add a splash of color with sunflowers or mums

DIY Buffalo Check Fall Pumpkin Wreath

Close up Image of the Autumn Buffalo Check Pumpkin Wreath


DIY Buffalo Check Fall Pumpkin Wreath

an easy fall wreath

Yield: 1 crowned

Cost: $ 20


  • hot glue gun

  • sharp scissors

  • floral thread

  • floral wire cutter

  • tape measure


  • 1 wireframe pumpkin wreath shape
  • 1 15 ft vine garland
  • 2 cotton stems
  • 3 buffalo tiles and white pumpkins
  • 2 tall burlap sheets
  • string
  • 1 buffalo check ribbon


  • Wrap the vine garland around the outer outline of the wreath, securing it to the wreath shape with floral wire as you go. Pass the rod.

  • Measure the length of each inner wire (as they vary in size) and cut out the appropriate sizes of vine garland.

  • Secure the wreath pieces inside the wreath shape with the floral wire. The whole pumpkin should be covered with vines now.

  • Wrap string around the stem of the pumpkin and glue the ends with hot glue.

  • Add a buffalo check knot under the stem in the center, securing it with floral thread.

  • Glue two sheets of burlap to each side of the top of the pumpkin.

  • Add a cotton swab to either side of the bottom of the pumpkin shape using a floral fire to secure it in place.

  • Add any additional accents you want on the background (bows, ribbons, fall peaks, fall leaves, etc.).

  • Finally, glue the pumpkins where you want them.

Vertical Image of Buffalo Check Fall Pumpkin Wreath

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