75 Best Amish Recipes – Careful Penny Pincher

I was born and raised outside of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, in the Amish country. As a young girl, I was fascinated by their way of life. My family went on car rides on Sundays, just to get a glimpse of the Amish men working in the fields and children running and playing in their yards. Sometimes my mom and dad stopped at an auction. I remember my mother telling me how bad men smell because they weren’t wearing Deoderant. We would stop at their roadside stalls which were scattered from top to bottom Rt. 30. These farms sold everything from pickles and pickled vegetables to Shoo Fly Pie, Whoopie Pies and homemade bread and rolls. Food was the best part!
Now that I am married and the mother of two, I am trying to pass these German and Dutch influences on to my daughters. Things like corn chicken soup, pork and sauerkraut, pies and sugar cakes. I have searched and searched the web for authentic recipes. And finally, I found some! Lots, all in one place! Thank you!

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