50 poor people’s best recipes

These cheap recipes from the poor are perfect when you’re broke but want a tasty meal. From the poor man’s steak to the poor man’s cake, there are plenty of inexpensive dishes on a budget. There are recipes for inexpensive dinners as well as inexpensive desserts.

Tasty recipes of the poor

Poor man’s steaks spaceships and laser beams

Bowl of poor man’s burrito from Budget Bytes

Poor man’s stew The Magical Slow Cooker

The poor man’s burnt ends by Hey, Grill Hey

Poor Man’s Soup All She Cooks

Amish Country Poor Man Hamburger Steaks from Sweet Little Bird

Poor Man’s Wellington Ground Beef by Nellie Bellie

Poor Lasagna Fabulously frugal

Poor man’s meal from The Beehive Cottage

Sausage and pepper casserole from Heart Hook and Home

Poor man’s stroganoff from Mel’s Kitchen Cafe

Poor man’s spicy tuna sushi Pickled plum

Poor Man Husband Saucepan Key ingredient

Poor’s spare ribs from Flavorite

Poor potato burger casserole Mirlandra’s Kitchen

Poor lobster from Bitz N Giggles

Poor man’s sauce Hillbilly Housewife

Poor man’s potato soup Kitschen Cat

Poor Man’s Salisbury Steaks I Am Homesteader

Poor Man Ground Beef Philly Ground Sandwich Jamie Cooks it Up

Poor man’s chicken salad by Blessed Beyond Doubt

Poor man’s pasta Lord Bryon’s Kitchen

Poor stuffed hamburger Texas homestead

Poor man’s dinner The Midnight Baker

Poor man’s meal The Skinnyish Dish

Poor Man’s Recipes Dessert

Poor man’s chocolate cake (without butter, milk or eggs) from Sweet Little Bluebird

Poor man’s pudding from A Hippie with a Minivan

Poor man’s cake from the 1930s almanac

Poor man’s spice cake Brown eyed baker

Poor donuts Night Owl Kitchen

Poor man’s cookies Taste of Home

War cake Rock recipes

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