50 Best DIY cleaning products

Best DIY cleaning products

Save money with these DIY cleaning products. There are cleaning products for the bathroom, kitchen, laundry and more. These homemade cleaning recipes contain natural ingredients and alternatives for storing purchased cleaning products. Many of these household cleaners can be made with a few ingredients that you already have at home.

DIY general cleaning products

DIY Clorox Reusable Wipes Homemade Lovely

DIY sprayable hand sanitizer from Lexi’s Clean Kitchen

Homemade reusable antibacterial wipe The Organized Housewife

DIY gel hand sanitizer from Live Simply

Homemade disinfectant spray Homemade Lovely

DIY all purpose wipes by A Mind “Full” Mom

All natural bleach from Don’t Waste the Crumbs

Non-toxic foaming hand soap from Thriving Home

Best glass cleaner ever She Wears Many Hats

DIY concentrated carpet cleaning solution Happy Money Saver

Homemade floor cleaner by Housewife How-Tos

Homemade magic eraser Little House Living

Lemon vinegar for cleaning Hearth and Vine

DIY carpet powder from Mrs. Happy Homemaker

DIY Swiffer wet pads Happy Money Maker

2-ingredient leather cleaner and conditioner by Fabulessly Frugal

DIY Goo Gone One Good Thing

DIY cleaning products

DIY Febreeze from CincyShopper

Homemade perfume booster Simply Shellie

Wool drying balls A Little Insanity

DIY drying sheets One Good Thing

DIY Pennies Per Load Laundry Detergent Frugal Family Home

Liquid laundry detergent (5 gal for $ 2) Ms. Happy Homemaker

Miracle DIY stain remover from My Frugal Adventures

DIY lavender spray of Fully

DIY kitchen cleaning products

DIY 3-ingredient dish soap from Live Simply

3-ingredient homemade meal tablets from Mom 4 Real

Homemade natural dry spray The Thrifty Couple

DIY garbage disposal coolers from PopSugar

Natural oven cleaner (no toxic fumes) from Hello Nest

Kitchen degreaser Happy mothering

DIY fruit and vegetable washing from Wellness Mama

DIY bathroom cleaning products

DIY toilet bowl cleaner from Live Simply

DIY toilet bomb Homemade Lovely

Homemade Drano Happy Money Saver

DIY Poo Rotten Spray by Wondermom Wannabe

Miracle No Scrub Bath Cleaner The Craft Patch

DIY shower cleaner One Good Thing

DIY Scrub Cleaner Live Renewed

Natural mold remover by Root and Revel

DIY toilet bowl cleaning gel The Kreative Life

DIY scouring powder from One Essential Community

Best DIY cleaning products

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