20+ Totally Genius Elf On The Shelf Ideas for Christmas 2019

1. Melted Snowman Prank

pinkpeonyhome / Via instagram.com

Let’s hope that wasn’t Olaf. From pinkpeonyhome.

2. The Voice


No one can hit a high note like an elf. From Picklehead Soup.

3. Spa Day

Twitter: @CaitPereira

At the North Pole they don’t use cucumbers, they use peppermint starlight mints.

4. Blowing Bubbles

samourelfontheshelf / Via instagram.com

All you need is a balloon to pull this one off! From SamOurElfOnTheShelf.

5. McDonald’s

tallystar / Via instagram.com

Did you know The Hamburglar is actually part elf? From tallystar.

6. Jurassic Park

TheHowardsGotElfed / Via instagram.com

Rated ELF-13 for intense scenes of dino on elf violence. From The Howards Got Elfed.

7. Painting The Elf-fell Tower

elfingaround / Via instagram.com

Those are some cultured looking elves. From elfingaround.

8. Elf Vs. Elsa

Zachary Jaydon / Via Twitter: @zacharyjaydon

Way harsh, Elsa. FYI, this one will either thrill or horrify your kid.

9. Peas On Earth

samourelfontheshelf / Via instagram.com

That is one punny elf. From SamOurElfOnTheShelf

10. Titanic


But instead of “I’m the king of the world!” they yell “I’m Santa!”

11. Eyelash Extender

kimpoyser / Via instagram.com

These really make his eyes pop. From KimPoyser.

12. The Nutritionist

spotofteadesigns / Via instagram.com

Elf diabetes is a rarely discussed epidemic. From Spot of Tea Designs.

13. Stilts

tricia_flinn / Via instagram.com

Practicing for the elf circus. From tricia_flinn.

14. Knife Thrower

annymalla / Via instagram.com

Something tells me this elf isn’t too sharp. From annymalla.

15. Enjoying Some Schweddy Balls

christmaself_2017 / Via instagram.com

Your kids might not know WTF is happening here, but adult fans of Saturday Night Live will find it pretty damn funny. From christmaself_2017.

16. Thirsty Little Elf

peachyparade / Via instagram.com

Fun fact: Elf legs can behind backwards AND forward. From Peachy Parade.

17. Playing Pie Face!

Christmas Elves / Via Facebook: ChristmasElf2017

They didn’t get the shaving cream from Santa. From Christmas Elves.

18. Batman Prank

wvmomofsix / Via Instagram: @wvmomofsix

Our elf friend said the Batman with George Clooney was the best one ever. From wvmomofsix.

19. Harry Potter


This elf is going to make some little Muggles very happy this Christmas. From Shelf the Elf.

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