100 DIY Apartment Decorating Ideas

100 inexpensive and easy apartment decorating ideas

These DIY apartment decoration ideas on a budget will help you decorate cheaper and maximize the space in your apartment. With these crafts, you can make your apartment chic without spending a lot of money!

Kitchen apartment decorating ideas

$ 30 marble countertops
All you need is contact paper!

Hanging vegetable garden
clay pots + white spray paint + rubber bands + jute rope + wooden studs + curtain rings + curtain holders

DIY concrete dining table top
used dining set + supports and screws + primer and paint + concrete + concrete sealer (food)

Anthro-inspired zinc letters
wooden letters + black acrylic paint + silver metallic paint

Hanging utensils
towel holder + hooks + screws + screwdriver

Soap dispensers in olive oil bottle

DIY spice holder magnets
round boxes with transparent lid + spices + magnets + ribbon + permanent marker

Kitchen counter herb garden
empty boxes + ribbon + terracotta saucer + drill + string + labels

Wall storage for coffee cup
IKEA rails ($ 9.99) and hooks ($ 3)

Coffee cup holder
hooks + screws + paint + letter stencils + sponge brush

Multi-level tray
frames + painting + wood + saw + wood glue + wooden chandelier and finial

Pots and Pan Organizer (using a grid organzier)

Pan Organizer (using a metal file sorter)

Storage of the jar lid (using control hooks)

Bathroom apartment decorating ideas

Custom drawers
wallpaper + paint roller + sponge

DIY towel rack with shelf
wooden planks + white paint + hammer and nails + decorative hooks + screws. + wood glue

Crate storage
boxes + spray paint or stain + large hanging strips + transparent outer layer

Floating shelves for small sinks
You can get the shelves at IKEA for less than $ 10

Framed bathroom mirror
wood + saw + stapler and staples + wood glue

Open sink skirt
Velcro tape with adhesive backing + curtain
Tip: for more storage, add baskets or bins under the skirt

Towel rack at the back of the door
All you need is 3 towel racks

Towel rack under shelf
towel rack + wall shelf + mounting hardware

Storage above the door

On the toilet shelves
wooden board + nails + wood glue + drill and screw + wood stain

DIY drawer organizer
wood glue + wood lathes + paint

Basket shelves (source unknown)

Hanging toothbrush holder
glass vase ($ 1 at Dollar Tree) + E6000 + brass nail heads + leather scrap + wood

Jewelry tower
cups + saucers + conical candle holders + spray paint + glue
These dishes have been found in thrift stores, but you can also find similar dishes at Dollar Tree.

Multi-level tray
conical glass candle holder + white plate + white saucer

Dollar Store Makeup Holders
conical glass candle holder + e6000 glue + cylindrical candle holders

DIY mirror courtesy tray
photo frame + mirror + drawer handles + rubber stamps + silver spray paint

Macon Jar Bathroom Organizer Kit
Mason jars + white paint + clear coat sealer + Mason jar soap lid conversion kit + Mason jar flower frog

Jewelry holder of a cutlery tray
wooden cutlery tray + painting + buttons + cup hooks

Reuse of candle jars
candle jar + glue + buttons + spray paint + primer + gone goo
Here is a superb missing goo DIY

Dollar Store Bathroom Drawer Organizers

Under the sink makeover
nesting bins + metal shower trolley

Storage of capillary devices
all you need is hooks

Cook Jar Nail Polish Holder
You can get the cookie jar at Dollar Tree

Towel rack (using a Wine rack)

Rustic ladder for towels
pine ankle rods + pine studs + wood glue + sandpaper + steel wool

IKEA Spice rack Shelving
spice rack ($ 4) + white spray paint

Makeup organizer
clear plastic organizers + double size ribbon

Mason Jar Organizers
jars + hose clamps + waste wood + picture hanging kit + screws

Living room and bedroom decorating ideas

DIY Crate TV Stand
cases + screws + drill

DIY side table on sofa
The tutorial is in German but I plugged it into google translate so that you can understand it better

$ 25 DIY Sofa Table
pine board + furs + screws + screwdriver + pliers + stainable wood plaster + stain or paint

DIY checkout library
boxes + hammer and nails + paint (optional)

Frame for photo frame Shadow Box
photo frame + drawers + saw + wood glue + spray paint + hanging kit for paintings

Floating corner shelves
You can either buy the shelves for $ 10- $ 15 each or. you can tinker with them. Here is a tutorial on how to make them yourself. You just need a few basic woodworking tools and skills.

Console table
maple gel stain + transparent sealer + chalk paint + wax sealer + wooden board

Drawer shelf
old drawer + spray paint + scrap wood + hammer and nails

$ 10 coverage scale
3 pine planks + miter saw + wood stain

DIY frame shelves
wooden planks + old frames (thrift store) + wood glue + spray paint + nails + wood plaster + control strips

Storage of cash books
boxes + white paint + wall supports + saw

DIY hanging shelf
wooden board + rope + metal rings + saw + drill

$ 20 plush headboard
Plywood + wooden boards + screws + wadding + drapery lining + buttons + staple gun

Rolling utility cart
The trolleys are perfect for small spaces. They are versatile, customizable and mobile so you can move them around.
You can also use them in the kitchen for additional storage space (for example, coffee or bar cart).
You can get carts for around $ 20

Pallet night table with light
wood palette + wood stain + hammer and nails

Nightstand with floating shelf
supports + screws + wood + wood stain

Crate Nightstand
case + wood stain + gold chain + hairpin legs + screw + drill

Table with armrests for sofa
wooden planks + screws + wood glue + sandpaper + wood stain

Wire basket side table
metal basket + round wooden panel + spray paint + wood stain + transparent layer + cable clips

Home Accent Apartment Decorating Ideas

$ 4 DIY No Sew Throw Pillows
canvas bag + poly-thread padding + glue gun

DIY Washi Tape Candles
You can get brass candle holders at thrift stores. I see them all the time for a few dollars.

DIY Mercury Glass Vase
glass vase + Rustoleum Mirror Effect spray paint + paper towels + spray bottle

Ballard Designs Garden District Knock-off Mirrors
white eye pencil + cheap mirrors + white stained glass color

DIY Planter Box Centerpiece
pine boards + stapler + wood glue + paint

DIY stencil rug
solid color carpet ($ 1 at Dollar Tree) + stencil + painter’s tape + craft acrylic paint + fabric backing

DIY decorative ORB
12 inch embroidery hoops + wood stain + thumbtacks

Pushpin candles
gold push pins + candle

Gold leaf vase
gold paint + painter’s ribbon + vase + flowers

Paint swirl vases
vases ($ 1 at Dollar Tree) + acrylic paint

Enamel painted vases
vases of different sizes + dishwasher-safe PermEnamel paint + PermEnamel surface conditioner

Kate Spade Rosebowl
round glass candle holder + gold paint pen + flowers

Succulent tiered ceramic bowls
ceramic bowls + glass pillar candlestick + potting soil + pebbles + succulent scythe

Invisible book shelf
L-shaped support + wood screw + books

$ 15 DIY mirror
wood + wood stain + wood glue + liquid nails + stapler + saw

$ 20 gallery wall
$ 2 IKEA mirrors + printer + podge mod

Drop the West Elm Herringbone Mirror
wood veneer + wood stain + E6000 glue + chevron fabric + spray adhesive

Decorating ideas for entry and laundry

Marble accordion stand
wooden accordion stand + marble self-adhesive film + white paint

Key frame
photo frame + gold hooks + painting

Mail carrier baskets
metal baskets ($ 1) + black spray paint + chalkboard labels

Metal rope throwing basket
round laundry basket + paint + jute rope + felt 1 yard

Cardboard box basket
jute string + cardboard + white fabric

DIY laundry sorter
canvas bags + hooks + wood screws + wood filler + scrap wood + white paint + curtain eyelets

Ironing board on hooks

Laundry wall clock
cheap wall clock (IKEA – $ 3) + clothespins + wood stains + hot glue gun

Personalized pressing board
Plywood + stapler + stick remnants + 1/2 meter of quilted cotton
If you don’t have enough space for an ironing board, then this is a great idea.

cookie jar (Dollar Tree) + laundry pods

Closet Apartment Decorating Ideas

Closet door organization
tension rod + crown hanger + narrow hooks + plastic supports + control strips

Belt organizer II
shower curtain rings + shower rod

Handbag organizer
curtain rings + shower curtain rod (or you can simply attach the rings to the hangers)

Tights organizer
clothespins + ruler + glue gun

Scarf organizer
shower curtain rod + curtain rings + scarves

Hat organizer
curtain rings + hanger

Tank Organizer
shower curtain rings + hanger

Bra organizer using metal supports or hook holder
You could do the same with 2-3 these Dollar Tree hooks

Winter accessory organzier
towel holder + curtain clips

Organization of apartments
plastic clips + hangers
You can also use folded wire hangers to

Shirt organizer (using a soda tab)

Tie holder
screws + decorative drawer handles (you can make them at Walmart for $ 2 to $ 3)

Balcony / patio decorating ideas

Patio lanterns
plastic solar fittings solar lights + basket hangers

Vegetable garden with herbs
large terracotta pot + chalkboard labels + chalk pen

Tiered herb garden (no source found)

Bucket covered with rock
metal can or bucket + river rock mesh tile + thin setting mortar + grout

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