100 creative DIY Christmas light decoration ideas

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100 Creative DIY Christmas Light Decorations

Create a dazzling and festive lighted display for your home with these creative DIYs Christmas light decoration ideas! These ideas will increase your appeal and impress your neighbors and guests. There are over a hundred Christmas light ideas for your whole home (including interior ideas). Before you start here is a great article that includes lots of holiday lighting tips to make installing lights easier.

Outdoor Christmas Light Decorating Ideas


Mason jar lights
mason jars, white Christmas lights, burlap ribbon, order hook


Illuminated holiday planter
hanging planters, clear lights, ornaments


Christmas star (source unknown)
5 standards, white spray paint, clear lights


Garage Door Christmas Tree
ornaments, clear lights, large red bow, control light clamps, fishing line


Christmas light balls
chicken wire, mini LED Christmas lights, small wire cutters

Illuminated arrow ornament
drill, painter’s tape, clear shipping tape, Christmas lights, white corrugated plastic sheet, white electrical tape, landscape pins


Christmas tree in pallet
palette, dark green spray paint, red bow, clear lights


Christmas tree
clear christmas lights, order light clips

Hanging Santa Suit (source unknown)
christmas lights, santa claus costume

DIY north pole sign
pvc pipe, red glitter tape, globe light cover + rope lights, battery operated light, 3M hooks


Bright Christmas gifts
wood, large ribbons, clear lights, fabric, hammer and nails

Wooden snowflakes with lights
sandpaper, saw, drill, fishing line, string lights, wood glue, 1 × 2 wood, screws, white spray paint

Tomato Cage Christmas Tree Lights
light garlands, tomato cage, elastic

Tree ball ornaments
wire mesh, wire cutters, gloves, ties, string lights, dry cleaning hangers

DIY fairy light globe
wire hanging basket frames, cable ties, silver spray paint, string lights, clips

Christmas tree in tomato cage
clear lights, tomato cage, garland, zip ties

Lighted PVC Candy Cane
PVC pipes and connectors, flange, screws, red and white spray paint, painter’s tape, PVC cement, silicone sealant, light strand, drill, tape, saw, sand

Lighted candy garland
cellophane, a white strand of Christmas lights, ribbon, square plastic containers

Galvanized Christmas Basket
basket of olives, logs, evergreen clippings, pine cones, light garlands

Illuminated Christmas garland and wreath
garlands, floral thread, red bows, clear lights, large greenery garland with large bow

Star lantern
sturdy cardstock, string lights, clear bead bead, fishing line, glue, craft knife

Bright Christmas gifts
wood, outdoor lighting, mesh tape, tape, miter saw, hammer and nails, stapler

Light balls
wire mesh, Channellock cutting pliers, garden stick, gloves, Christmas lights, ties

Grouped Christmas lanterns and lights (source unknown)

Illuminated Christmas Sign
wooden board, wooden letters, drill with large wick, light bulbs, painter’s tape, red spray paint, acrylic paint

Grinch stealing Christmas lights (source unknown)

Christmas light tunnel
pvc pipe, pvc connectors, rebar, christmas lights, pvc glue, tape

False fire
fireplace, logs, clear Christmas lights

Lighted porch garland and trees by All Things Beautiful

Christmas lights for the porch (source unknown)

Lit snowman wreath (source unknown)
3 different sized vine wreaths, clear Christmas lights, red scarf, Santa hat, floral thread

Beer Bottle Christmas Lights
empty beer bottles, fairy lights

Basketball stick Christmas tree (source unknown)
light stakes, Christmas lights, gutter hooks, outdoor extension cords, outdoor tree decor, basketball post

Christmas trees (source unknown)

Christmas tree with illuminated star ornaments (source unknown)

Traditional Christmas garlands and lights with bows

Christmas trees in pallets (source unknown)

Colorful and festive Christmas lights (source unknown)

Mason Jar Chandliers (source unknown)

Hula Hoop chandelier
Hula hoop, lace ribbon, ice cube lights, glue gun

Christmas lights wrapped around trees (source unknown)

Fake Christmas tree (source unknown)

Christmas outdoor lighting

Poinsettias, greenery and Christmas lights for the porch (source unknown)

Hola Hoop Lights

Christmas tree draped in light (source unknown)

Rope Light Walkway (source unknown)

Christmas interior light decoration ideas

DIY snowman from plastic cups by Wonderful DIY

Christmas sparkling balls
plastic cups, mini lights, drill, stapler, clothespins

Wall-mounted Christmas tree (source unknown)
garland, mini lights, small round ormaents, zip ties, mini lights adhesive clips

Wooden Christmas tree (source unknown)
branches, saw, ornaments, clear lights, fishing line, control strips, twig star

Illuminated Christmas Sign
wood light sign, painter’s tape, wood stain, acrylic paint, printed letters
You can either buy the sign on sale or make it yourself using scrap wood and a drill

Burlap light garland
red burlap ribbon, green burlap ribbon, natural burlap ribbon, mini white lights, scissors

Pinecone vases (source unknown)
light garlands, tall vases, pine cones

Winter lights on the mantle (source unknown)
Put the Christmas lights in a globe light cover

Starry light garland
wrapping paper, star template, thread, needle, fairy lights

Framed Christmas card display (source unknown)
frame, cork board, spray paint, string, mini clothespins. Christmas lights, galvanized letters

Feathered Christmas tree
tomato cage, clear lights, feather boas, flowerpot, but cutters, rubber bands

Elegant globe light garland with bottom (source unknown)

Lighted Christmas wreath and curtains (source unknown)
mini Christmas wreaths, LED lights, red bow, red ribbon to hang, red sheer curtains

DIY Christmas Marquee Sign
large wooden craft letters, white and gold spray paint, large light bulbs, drill bit and wood drill bit, small wooden stakes, light clips, nails and hammer

Christmas tree dollar star light garland
$ 1 glittering stars, light floral thread, glue gun, wire cutter, Christmas lights

Staircase marquee lights by Just Destiny Mag

Christmas Light Tree card holder (source unknown)

Christmas light curtain backdrop (source unknown)

Starry Lights window (source unknown)

Entrance burlap light garland (source unknown)

Lighted door garland (source unknown)

O Come on, let us worship it Rustic Mantel by The Kim Six Fix

Glamorous rustic coat from Yellow Bliss Road

Christmas coat of the snowy woods 2 ladies and a chair

Christmas illuminated marquee sign
wood board, 4 wood planks, wood screw and drill, Christmas lights, white paint, gold glitter, Mod Podge, chipboard letters, glue

Christmas lights hanging from the ceiling (source unknown)

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