100 best farmhouse Christmas decorations

100 best farmhouse Christmas decorations

These charming and comfortable Christmas decorations on the farm will add a rustic touch to your home this holiday season. From wall art to home accents and fireplace decorations, there are plenty of ideas here to give your entire home a country-style makeover for Christmas.

Outdoor Farm Christmas Decorations

Galvanized Chalk Pen Christmas Buckets from Finding Home Farms

Christmas porch with reused finds from Home Stories A to Z


Farmhouse Christmas Porch Decor from On Sutton Place

Festive and frugal Christmas porch from On Sutton Place

DIY Galvanized Farm Bucket by Lil Blue Boo

Galvanized Christmas Basket from The Polo House

Joy Porch Sign (source unknown)
wooden board + red and white paint + stencils

Vintage Striped Aged Galvanized Buckets rare designs

Vintage Farmhouse Christmas Soda Crate Display from The Cozy Old Farmhouse

Farm watering can by Housepitality Designs

Christmas idea on the farm from Farmhouse 5540

Rustic glam exterior decorations from ribbons and glue

Reclaimed wood Christmas tree by Funky Junky Interiors

Vintage farmhouse Christmas porch from Little Vintage Nest

Farmhouse Winter Porch Pot from House of Hawthornes

Rustic Farmhouse Christmas Porch by Clean Living Clean Eating

DIY farmhouse porch planter from The White Cottage Farm

Farmhouse Christmas porch by Twelve sur Main

Christmas decorations inside the farm

Christmas wall art of joy by Ana White

DIY Wooden Clock Christmas Advent Calendar by Thrifty and Chic

DIY Metal and Wood Christmas Sign from Bless’er House

Rustic farmhouse entrance by Liz Marie

Cozy cheerful farmhouse Christmas bedroom by Liz Marie

Checkered Farmhouse Christmas Room by Four Generations One Roof

Farmhouse Christmas Dining Room by Love Grows Wild

DIY Farmhouse Christmas Wreath by Shades of Blue Interiors

Farm garland (source unknown)
conifers + burlap tape + pine cones + floral thread + garden shears
Here is a simple tutorial on how to make your own natural garland

Joy Farmhouse Staircase from Quarters One

Stairs of the farm “Ho Ho Ho” from Just Destiny

Christmas Farm Family Room by The Design Twins

Farmhouse Christmas Fire Pit Table by Nesting Blissfully

Christmas decoration with wooden tray (source unknown)

Burlap Christmas Wall Art by Denise on a Whim

Chicken Wire Christmas Board (source unknown)
Here is a tutorial to make the frame

Christmas fireplace decoration by Nina Hendrick

Farmhouse window shutter Christmas decoration (source unknown)
glass + white paint pen + red ribbon + pine clippings + snow spray

Christmas scale from Craftberry Bush
Tutorial for creating the ladder: $ 10 coverage scale

Christmas pitcher from On Sutton Place

Rustic Farmhouse Christmas Sign by NJS Designs

Christmas tree music sheet from Lyckoslanten

Christmas decorations from the farm to the centerpiece

Christmas porcelain pitcher from Back Porch Musings

Jug of candy canes from Stone Gable

DIY Pallet Wood Centerpiece Box by A Night Owl

Rustic Farmhouse Christmas Pitchers by Alice Wingerden

Rustic mini Christmas tree centerpiece from The North End Loft

Birch candles and pine branch centerpiece by Brandi Sawyer


Christmas cake stand candle holder (source unknown)
Cake stand ($ 3 at thrift stores) + small wreath or berry garland ($ 5 at craft store) + candles of different sizes

DIY Farmhouse Christmas Trees and Ornaments

Simple Farm Christmas Tree by Love Grows Wild

Rustic Farmhouse Christmas Tree by Lil Blue Boo

Glam Metallic Farmhouse Christmas tree from Giggles Galore

Neutral Farmhouse Christmas Tree by Clean Living Clean Eating

Farmhouse Silver and Gold Christmas Tree extract of a pumpkin and a princess

Mini farmhouse Christmas tree (source unknown)

Christmas tree with wooden letter from farmhouse (source unknown)


Chalkboard art ornaments by Clean and Sensible

DIY Mason Jar Lid Christmas Decorations from Everyday Home (via Hometalk)


Embossed burlap ornaments by Bliss Bloom

Grain Sack Star Christmas Ornaments from Sew a Fine Seam

Glittering snow texture balls by The Casual Craftlete

Mantel Farm Christmas Decorations

Magnolia wreath Christmas fireplace decor by The Turquoise Home

Farmhouse Christmas Coat from Worthing Court

Winter farm coat from Craftberry Bush

Nordic Farm Christmas Coat From my porch to yours

Rustic Farmhouse Christmas Fireplace Decor by Oriental Trading

Farmhouse Christmas Village Mantel by Liz Marie

Farmhouse Christmas Coat from our false farm

No Sew Joy Banner from Stone Gable

Farmhouse Kitchen and Dining Room Christmas Decorations

Farmhouse Christmas Kitchen from Worthing Court

Farmhouse kitchen windows (source unknown)

Country Farmhouse Christmas Table of Rosemary and Thyme

Farmhouse Christmas Kitchen by Golden Boys and Me

Christmas farmhouse kitchen decorations from Craftberry Bush

Garland and garland for Farmhouse cooker from Worthing Court

Farmhouse Christmas galvanized tiered tray (source unknown)

DIY Snow Globe jars by Liz Marie

Farm chair decoration from Finding Home Farms

Christmas ornament ladder from On Sutton Place

Christmas table at the farm by Lauren McBride

Christmas farmhouse dining room (source unknown)

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