How To Make Money Online Through Amazon FBA (I Make Almost $600/DAY!)

For the most part, we are all shopping on Amazon, right? I mean who does not? I do not remember thinking of buying anything without first checking with Amazon. I’m a big fan, I’ll admit it. I love excellent customer service, ease of purchase and return if nothing works, and with the premium membership I pay for $9.99/month, I get most of my orders in 2 days! Whoooptidoo!

I normally order at least 5 times a month on Amazon, so it’s worth it. In fact, I would save more if I paid $99 a year for a premium subscription.

That being said, I’ve heard about Fulfillment by Amazon. As an entrepreneur I am, I am always exploring opportunities for additional income. My goal is to eventually develop multiple sources of income and I have only tapped into my third!

A few months ago, I started exploring Fulfillment by Amazon. I joined several groups on Facebook and I just learned by reading. I always learned that way. But I am also a risk-taker. So, once I understand the essence of the process, I start.

If you have already shopped at Amazon, you know there are different sellers in this market, even though Amazon itself has its own products for sale. Anyone who is interested in selling to Amazon must go through a process of registration and approval. All you have to do is go to, sign up and apply for the categories you want to sell.

amazon seller $500 per day

Let me now say that this company is definitely NOT a fast enrichment system. Amazon has billions of users around the world and has developed a platform/system on which you can literally take advantage if you put a little research and work!

There is a learning curve involved, yes. But if I could learn it easily enough, you can too!

So back to Fulfillment by Amazon. Basically, it’s a program offered by Amazon to businesses and individuals like you and me who are interested in selling products. The way it works is that you send your merchandise and Amazon performs your task and charges you a certain amount to do it. But you will not have to worry about dealing with customers, shipments, etc. Although this is an option also called Merchant Fulfilled. But for the sake of this topic, let’s stay loyal to FBA.

$600 per day

What are the types of products you can sell on Amazon? The answer is anything! Okay, maybe not drugs, violent or self-defense products and any hazardous materials. But you get the point. If you’re thinking about selling Nike, Adidas, Under Armor, Tory Burch, Michael Kors, and others, it might be a little more difficult especially with the $ requirements to get in. You also can not sell any items. The place for those type of items is eBay or Facebook Marketplace.

This is where research comes in. You’d have to really sit down, do some research, explore some products that you personally buy, explore Amazon’s bestseller list.

Some people eventually developed their own products and put them in the Amazon marketplace. Marketability, suppliers, so on and so forth.

How do you get started selling on Amazon? The sign-up registration process is pretty simple. Like I said above, all you have to do to go to to register. Once you’ve registered, you are able to download the Amazon Seller app or the Android Store which is what you will use to scan and find profitable products.

How do you find profitable products? I started by doing Retail Arbitrage. Retail Arbitrage is basically the act of finding good deals from Walmart, Big Lots, Marshall’s, etc. and reselling them for a profit. People do it all the time and it is completely legal. This is what people do on eBay as well. Now others do what is called Online Arbitration which is very similar to Retail Arbitrage. I am doing a lot of business and I’m doing it right now. By purchasing wholesale, I was able to order in bulk and I was able to scale up easily.

My goal is to make $ 30/K month doing this part-time. Yes, part-time! I am making almost $18K/month just doing this part-time. By that I mean, all of them go directly to Amazon. Whenever I would like to go out and look for, then I would have done some work as I did. But these days, by being able to find profitable products, I am able to make money, literally even in my sleep.

There’s a couple of areas here and there that’s hard or too long to discuss on a single blog post. There are strategies, tools, and different ways to go about this. I know for some people, where is the way to go. I highly recommend checking out FBA Full Time if it’s something that you’d like to explore. Stephen who is the owner of Full Time FBA is an Amazon seller and is very experienced in this arena. His website offers both free and paid information and I recommend you look at his website and learn from him. I have seen some of these videos and I’m sure it’s a great resource for the other.


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