12 Simple Tips to Achieve a Deep Sleep

Nothing else gives you more sleep than the fall season. However, sometimes you spend all day dreaming of a pillow, and at bedtime you can not sleep. It is a familiar enough situation for many of us.

Deep Sleep

Theviralcafe wants to share with you some methods that help you sleep fast and deeply, and in the morning feel fresh and rested.

  1. Consume foods containing magnesium. Scientific studies show that magnesium intake favors deep sleep throughout the night. For example, eat pumpkin seeds or spinach before bed.
  2. Daytime sleep for 10 to 30 minutes benefits nighttime sleep. It is important to accurately measure time since sleeping longer than 30 minutes will not do you good.
  3. Your bed is meant for sleeping and resting. Do not accustom to your body that your bed is also the table to eat or the desk to work.
  4. The weather in the bedroom. 1 5 to 20 degrees Celsius is the ideal temperature for a deep sleep.
  5. Take a shower or a warm bath before bed. This favors the relaxation of the organism.
  6. Set an exact time to wake up, even on weekends. You probably want to take advantage of the rest days to sleep more, but this can alter the internal clock of the body and, as a result, cause you bad and restless nights.
  7. Up date. Have you been sleeping much later than usual lately? Give your body time to sleep. It does not mean that you should hibernate for a full day, just lie down an hour earlier.
  8. Do not be spinning. Have you been sleeping for about 20 minutes? You have to get out of bed and do something to relax you. For example, listening to music or reading a book is much better than lying down and thinking why you can not sleep.
  9. Check your medicine cabinet. Some of your medications probably have a side effect in the form of insomnia.
  10. Keep the alarm clock off your face. Try to move any electronic device away from your bed.
  11. The scent of lavender. Lavender is deservedly considered the best aroma for a deep sleep. Try using aromatic candles or essential oils, as long as you do not suffer from allergy to that aroma.
  12. Try progressive relaxation of muscles. It begins with the feet and slowly sees coming up contracting and relaxing the muscles. A daily meditation also positively influences the process of falling asleep.

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