10 Benefits of Strawberry for Health

As a fruit, it is more than known, although if it is for the benefits of the strawberry, very few know what is being talked about. That is why we have decided to make an article, where we talk exclusively about each of these benefits. With the aim that now when eating them, think about all the medicinal properties that you are taking advantage of.

Benefits of Strawberry for Health

The strawberry or also known as strawberry is the fruit of a creeping plant called by the same name, which has dozens of species. Today it is one of the most consumed, delicious, versatile and relatively more expensive fruits.

What is the strawberry for?

Strawberry for Health
Strawberry for Health

The fact that they have a slightly higher price in the market is due to the fact that the plant springs up only once a year. This outbreak occurs in times of summer. Where some species bear fruit just at the beginning of the season, others during and others at the end. The latter occurs with the species of ” wild strawberries “, one of the most cultivated and typical of each locality.

Apart from the medicinal benefits, of which we will speak next, it presents gastronomic benefits. Among which stands out its pleasant taste and its versatility in the kitchen. Where can we find it in jams, juices, smoothies, ice creams, liqueurs, sweets, sauces, cakes, and others?

Benefits of strawberry for health

Its components include its high water content ( more than 90%) and its low caloric content. For this reason, it is normal to see them included in diets to lose weight.

Apart from this, they have good concentrations of minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants. Where either together or in a solitary way, the components provide benefits that contribute to good health. Next, we talk in detail about each of them.

1. Act as natural diuretics


Both the potassium and water content, together with the absence of sodium, contribute to the expulsion of liquids from the body. What brings detoxifying and debugging effects. This property is mainly useful for those people who suffer from fluid retention, hypertension, rheumatic diseases, and obesity.

2. Combat anemia

Combat anemia
Combat anemia


Anemia is characterized by the absence of hemoglobin. At the same time, the absence of hemoglobin is due to the lack of iron in the body. The reason why, the diets recommended for ferric anemic people, are those that contain good concentrations of this mineral.

Strawberries, in turn, are a good source of iron. In addition, they are really rich in vitamin C, which acts as a stimulant of the organism for the absorption of the same mineral. So one of the biggest benefits of the strawberry is to fight this disease.

3. It is good for treating pimples and acne

treating pimples and acne
Treating pimples and acne

One of the benefits of strawberry is directly its antibacterial properties. In addition to this, thanks to its antioxidant content, it acts as a natural rejuvenator. And at the same time, they are used to attack skin infections such as acne.

For these cases, it is recommended to prepare a mask with crushed strawberries, a little honey, and milk. Apply it on the skin and let it rest for at least 20 minutes. In this way, we keep our skin clean and slow down the effects of aging.

4. Rich in vitamin C

Rich in vitamin C

Strawberries contain almost as much vitamin C as an orange, so it turns out to be a fruit with great antioxidant power.

The antioxidant effects of food are among the most appreciated by the body. Since these reduce and prevent the production of free radicals. At the same time, they act as fortifiers and protectors of the body’s cells. What brings with it multiple benefits, such as the weakening and elimination of cancer cells.

In addition to this, the fact of having cells with more vitality and strength helps raise the defenses and strengthen the immune system. This is why the consumption of strawberries is recommended to avoid and relieve the symptoms of flu, cough, throat infections, etc.

5. It works as a natural astringent

In this section we do not talk about the fruit itself, but about the leaves of the plant. In which it has been proven the existence of tannins, and other substances that work to control diarrhea.

For these cases, it is recommended to boil a handful of strawberry leaves and take the infusion at least 2 times a day.

6. It facilitates the digestion of food

In addition to functioning as a potent diuretic, the intake of the fruit facilitates the digestion of food. Thanks to its low-fat content and good fiber levels, it acts to regulate intestinal transit and other digestive processes.

7. Maintains cardiovascular wellness

Among the benefits of the strawberry, which shares with many fruits of the forest, is the care and strengthening of the heart. Thanks to its powerful antioxidants, including vitamin C, vitamin A, and folic acid or vitamin B9. They act to reduce cholesterol levels, unclog arteries, regulate blood pressure and keep the heart healthy.

8. Ideal against mental deterioration

Strawberries contain flavonoids, a component that decreases cognitive deterioration in older people, according to a study published by the journal of scientific dissemination, Annals of Neurology in 2012.

Other red fruits such as cherries or raspberries also contain flavonoids so it is a great idea to combine them in a delicious smoothie.

9. Eliminate constipation

Being a fruit rich in fiber make it an incredible food to combat constipation naturally. You can take it along with a cereal full of fiber and with berries like blueberries or raspberries.

10. Prevent cancer

Thanks to the anti-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory effects of strawberry they will help you to prevent different forms of cancer. In addition to its high content of vitamin C and the flavonoids of this fruit make it ideal to defend your body from any possible cancer cell.

There is no doubt that strawberries, besides being the favorite of many, are foods that help maintain proper health. So from now on, we would bet that every time you eat a strawberry you will feel twice as lucky.


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