50+ Valentines Day Gifts For Him

Even if the gift is your language of love, finding the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for the guy in your life is not easy. The challenge: you want something as sweet and heartfelt as your love, but something he’ll find practical enough for everyday life. Browse these unique Valentine’s Day gifts for him to find the best of both worlds. There’s something for every type of relationship, whether you’re celebrating your first Valentine’s Day together as a boyfriend and girlfriend, or if you’ve been married to your husband for more years than you can count. All gift ideas, regardless of price or functionality, are packed with the same level of romance because remember, you are shopping for Valentine’s Day after all.

Make Valentine’s Day extra special with these unique, homemade Valentines Day gifts for him. These DIY ideas are affordable and thoughtful so skip the generic candy ideas and personalize your Valentines Day gifts this year!

52 Things I Love About You

Playing Cards + Mod-Podge + Binder Rings + One Hole Punch + Scissors

DIY Candle Carved with Initials

Candle + Linoleum Cutter  + Gold Leaf Pen/Ball Point Pen + Tape

DIY Valentines Day Logs

Dry Log + Saw  + Drill Bit + White Paint + Knife + Sandpaper + Candle

Photo Clock

photo + Mod Podge + Paint + Clock parts + MDF board

Photo Coasters

Ceramic Tiles + 4×6 Photos + Mod Podge + Clear Acrylic Spray + Craft Paint

DIY Distressed Photo Block

Scrap Block Of Wood + Paint + Mod Podge + Photos + Upholstery Tacks + Sandpaper


Glowing Photo Luminaries

Photos + Candle Holder (Dollar Tree) + Double Sided Tape

Pop-Up Photo Box

Card Stock + Wood Box + Glue Gun + Spray Mount + Ribbon

Photo Candleholder

glass candleholder + vellum paper + candle

Heart Luminary 

paper + scissors + empty tin + double sided tape + drill

You + Me on a Tree

Log + Wood Burning Tool + Sandpaper + Utility Knife

Copper Wire Photo Holders

Heavy Copper Wire + Wooden Blocks + Wire Cutters + Drill + Hot Glue

Engraved Photo Box

wood craft box + wood stain + paint + ribbon + photos + black cardstock + wood burner + double-sided tape

DIY Valentine’s Day Arrow Art

Wood Board + Sand Paper + Wood Stain + Wood Glue + White Paint Pen + Varnish

Leather Conversation Hearts

Leather Hearts + Leather Stamping Kit + Awl Hole Punch + Eyelet & Jump Ring + Chain And Key Chain

Wood Slice Heart

Miter Saw + Assorted Sticks And Branches + Glue Gun

Message in a Bottle Keychain 

Glass Vial + Brass Disc + Jump Rings + Key Ring + Metal Letter Stamps + E-6000 Glue + Steel Wool

DIY Leather Heart Key Ring

Thin Leather + Key Ring + Chain + Bead Reamer + Pink Thread + Beading Pliers

Valentine Picture Frame

Spray Adhesive + Picture Frame + Burlap + Glue Gun + Paper + Key + Red Paint

Valentine Lightbulb

Red Thin Gauge Wire + Light Bulb + Scrap Wood + 2 Pins + Wire Cutters + Hot Glue Gun

DIY Heart Coasters

Wood Log + Miter Saw + Sand Paper + Polyurethane Clear Gloss + Heart Stencil + Paint

Easy DIY Exploding Box (Video Tutorial)

Love Letter Blocks

Blocks + Scrapbook Paper + Mod Podge + Sandpaper + Distress Ink Or Chalk + Finishing Spray + Photo

DIY Love Mug

White Ceramic Mug + Red and Black Paint Pen

Reasons Why I Love You

All you need is a sharpie and a post-its for this cute project.

Valentine’s Day Balloon Display

Red Balloons + Red Curling Ribbon + Photos + Pen + Rose Petals

Scratch Off Hearts (Video Tutorial)

Acrylic Paint + Dish Soap + White Crayon + Paper

I Love… Personalized Picture Frame Idea (source unknown)

picture frame + foam board + craft knife + sharpie + photo

Date Night Jar

Mason Jar + Paint Pens + Ribbon + Scrapbook Paper + Paint + Popsicle Sticks


Sharpie Heart Mug

mug + Sharpie oil based paint pen + contact paper + Krylon Crystal Clear

String Heart DIY

piece of wood + string + nails + spray paint + paper

DIY Lipstick Art

pink and red lipsticks + drawing paper + 8×10 frame + pencil + heart template

Sock Bouquet 

Socks + safety pins + wooden dowels or skewers + vase + ribbon

Food & Drink Valentines Day Gifts for Him

Hugs & Kisses Mason Jar Gift

Burlap Ribbon + Mason Jar + Red Acrylic Paint + Heart Stencil + Ribbon + Hersey’s Kisses

Quick & Cheesy Hubby Valentines

Brown Kraft Paper Tags + Black Sharpie + Snacks

Red Hots Valentine’s Candy Gift in a Jar

Mason Jar + Twine + Red & White Paper + Red Hots + Foam Heart

Valentine’s Day Gift in a Jar Idea

You Make my Heart Burst Jar Idea

Empty Jar + Vinyl Sticker Heart + Gold & Pink Spray Paint + Card Stock + Ribbon

Valentines for a Coffee Lover

Valentine’s Day Fruits with Messages

Apples + Bananas + Pears + Oranges + Black Edible Marker + Red Edible Marker

Candy Bar Card

Cute Beer Messages (source unknown)

Liquor Valentines Day Gift (source unknown)

Life Without You Is UnBEARable Gummy Bears (source unknown)

Be My Valentine Snack Idea (source unknown)

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