A “selfie” at the Edge of the Precipice

A selfie at the edge of the precipice

Victoria and Leonardo are a normal couple. They like to take pictures in the places they visit. Especially when they are hanging on a cliff.

More than 79 million pictures posted on the social network Instagram including the hashtag #selfie. Ie, self-timer. Young people between 16 and 25 years are the fans most gregarious of this new fashion with which seek popularity on social networks. The most common images portray beautiful clothes they are wearing that day, the places where they are or the delicious food they eat. But there is another kind of “selfies” that every day more and winning more followers. The spectacular pictures. Those that, before anything, looking for the most impressive shots. Sometimes, even, even with good sense.

Photo: Leonardo Pereira
Photo: Leonardo Pereira

Camera in hand, climb the peaks of the mountains and buildings in search of “selfies” riskier and hallucinating.

The acrophobia, or fear of heights, is a joke for these extreme photography lovers. Camera in hand, climb the peaks of the mountains and buildings in search of “selfies” riskier and hallucinating. A trend that transforms photography into an extreme sport, only suitable for adventurous. An increasing number of those who dare, practicing this peculiar hobby. Many of them have made it a real lifestyle.
Leonardo Pereira, the Brazilian of 23 years, has more than 37,000 followers on Instagram. He was champion of “mountain bike” twice. Fond of climbing from just a year, Rio de Janeiro has increased its ambition to dominate the mountains without any kind of support. “I feel safe when they are in danger,” he confesses. Leonardo met Victoria on Pedra da Gávea, the largest coastal monolith in the world. Has since his partner in all adventures. His confidence in Leonardo gets to the point of being suspended in space just grabbed his hand. Their next adventure: travel to China and Japan. Businesses of their trips are published on Instagram to wind followers.
Victoria and Leonardo
PIC FROM LEONARDO PEREIRA / CATERS NEWS – (PICTURED: Victoria Medeiros Nader hanging off the rock face with Leonardo holding her up ) – Hanging off an almost 3000ft drop straight into the ocean with no support, this crazy couple could be the stupidest tourists ever. With the bright blue sea and Rio de Janeiro thousands of feet below, these photos of Brazils Pedra de Gavea are breathtaking. But the risks taken by Leonardo Edson Pereira and his girlfriend Victoria Medeiros Nader really take the wind out of you. Clinging on with just one hand and posing for the camera, 23-year-old Leonardo looks just seconds away from slipping and certain death. SEEE CATERS COPY.


Victoria shares this love of adrenaline
Victoria shares this love of adrenaline
Leonardo and Victoria are not the only lovers of heights. Ivan Kuznetsov, @Beerkus on Instagram, scale the tallest buildings in every city in the world with the sole purpose to immortalize the moment. It argues that the risk is not a way of diminishing the life, indeed: “This is life, this is how I express myself, and I appreciate life more than anyone else.”
Life must be very different view from the top of the world. The most cautious can always enjoy the view. And try to feel the adrenaline through the accounts of Instagram.

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