8 Habits that can Damage the Skin of the Face

We know that using the best products on the market gives the feeling of being fulfilled when it comes to caring for the skin. But the danger lies in the ordinary details, dear reader. Next, we present 8 habits that can damage the skin of the face and that you should avoid:

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1. Eat high glycemic index foods

Studies show that foods with high glycemic index (whose sugar is quickly absorbed into the bloodstream) can have an influence on the skin because they cause the production of insulin and androgens to shoot, which stimulates the production of sebum by the sebaceous glands of the skin, increasing the chances of appearing or worsening a picture of acne. Cakes, chocolate, potatoes, sweets and white rice are examples of this. Milk can also adversely affect the skin of the face due to the hormones present in it. A study carried out at Harvard in the United States showed an association between regular consumption of milk and acne. Interestingly, the skimmed milk was the most damaged skin of the volunteers who participated in the investigation.

2. Forget the sunscreen

It seems pretty obvious, but there are still many people who skip that step in the beauty routine. The correct use of sunscreen is essential to prevent various skin problems related to sun exposure, such as spots, wrinkles, premature aging, resection, precancerous lesions, and skin cancer.

In addition, ultraviolet radiation affects the entire year in varying degrees depending on the season and weather conditions.

3. Do not take off your makeup before sleeping

Remember your favorite blogger saying that? Sleeping with makeup can cause skin irritation and clog pores and the result are the dreaded blackheads and spines. Ideally, the makeup should always be removed with mild make-up removers, such as the micellar solution and use a soap appropriate to the skin type.

4. Lend her makeup to her friends and vice versa

Who never shared brushes, mascaras of eyelashes and even lipstick with her friends? Yes, that habit that seems silly has nothing harmless. Brushes can be vehicles for transmitting microorganisms that infect the skin, such as some fungi and bacteria.

5. Take hot baths

Nothing like a hot bath, right? In winter, then, there is nothing better. But know that if they are too long, they may be the reason why your skin is dry. What happens is that the hot water removes the layer of fat that acts as a protective barrier of the skin. In these cold days, as we can not take warm baths, the ideal is to be quick, with moisturizing soaps and without sponge. If possible, it is important to apply moisturizer immediately afterwards.

6. Not getting enough sleep

Sleeping an average of 7 or 8 hours is ideal for a restful sleep, not only for the mind, but also for the skin – Do you want a better excuse to sleep? Sleeping nights contribute a lot to the loss of skin quality and because they are interpreted by our body as symptoms of stress, they can lead to an increase in the production of free radicals.

7. Keep your head down – looking at the cell phone, for example

The postural issue influences the appearance of lines on the skin as we get older. That could be the little push that was missing to release the phone a little bit, right?

8. Do not change the covers and the sheets

It’s a matter of hygiene. According to the dermatologists, the ideal is to change the bedding every week, otherwise there may be an accumulation of dirt and the pillowcases become an environment conducive to the appearance of bacteria and mites.

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