15 Images Proving that Australia is The Craziest Thing in the World!


Even cassowaries. Birds in Australia are crazy. I’m sure you’ve heard and maybe even seen an ostrich before, but Does it seem evil with his cousin cassowry. They are smaller than the ostrich, but what they lack in height is made with attitude.They feed mainly on fruits, seeds and fungi, but also eat smaller animals such as frogs, fish and mice. Cassowaries are very territorial and will and have attacked humans.

blue ring

Blue Ring Octopus Blue ring octopus is the only octopus that is known to be deadly to humans. They live in marshes and coral reefs, which are abundant in the cost of Australia. They are recognized as one of the world’s most venomous marine animals. They are docile by nature, but will attack if provoked. Have blue and black rings, and yellow skin, but when the patch is stirred brown darken.That’s a sign that you should go back.

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